About LipSense

Lipsense Basics 3A little more information about the magic behind LipSense: LipSense uses a patented formula to suspend pigments in cosmetic grade alcohol which evaporates after application, leaving the color behind and bonded to your lips. The color is sealed and your lips are moisturized by using a LipSense gloss over your color throughout the day as needed. In order to remove the color at the end of the day, a special remover is needed, the LipSense Ooops! Remover.


Starter Kit Info

Your first time ordering LipSense is a bit of an investment, since you need not only your gorgeous color, but your moisturizing gloss and your remover. LipSense products are priced competitively and are a great value when compared ounce for ounce with other products out there. One LipSense color is equivalent to 4 tubes of lipstick, and when used DAILY will last 4 to 6 months since it is applied in such thin layers. Once opened, LipSense products are guaranteed to last for 3 years – unopened, they are guaranteed for 7 years! Don’t forget to check out helpful hints forΒ Application and RemovalΒ and generalΒ Tips and Tricks.

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