Application and Removal

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At Long Last Lips ๐Ÿ’‹ LipSense Application

  • Shake tube well to activate and evenly distribute color.
  • LipSense applies best to clean, exfoliated, dry lips. Clean lips with wet wash cloth (or with witch hazel if you don’t find it too drying on cotton makeup round). Allow lips to dry.
  • Wipe majority of color off wand, making sure to keep color as evenly distributed as possible. You will be applying color in thin layers.ย Keep Lips Apart
  • Always apply color in one direction with a light hand – do not rub back and forth. (Going back over the color in opposite direction will remove it, just like on a dry erase board.) While applying, stretch your lips to allow color to get into the natural creases in your lips, and keep lips apart as they will be tacky until the color is sealed by gloss.
  • Apply color to bottom lip by starting in one corner and moving wand with one fluid motion to opposite corner (do not lift wand while applying). If your lips are wide enough, you may need to apply a second swipe of color along the water line of your lips to completely cover them with the first layer of color. Apply color to top lip from middle of bow to outer corner, and then again from middle of bow to opposite corner. Reapply color to wand as needed during application, just remember to apply thin layers. Most people can do a full layer on their lips with only dipping the wand in the color 1-2 times.
  • If you make any mistakes during application, use the Ooops! Remover to remove color (see instructions below). Use edge of Ooops! Remover wand with minimal amount of liquid to sharpen up edges of lips if needed.
  • Allow color to dry for 5-10 seconds before applying next layer. Remember to keep lips apart or they will stick together (not painfully so, but you donโ€™t want to mess up your beautiful color if itโ€™s not dry yet). You can tell the color is dry once you touch it and nothing comes off. You shouldnโ€™t need to touch it often however as it dries very quickly and by the time you finish your layer, it is likely more than 5 seconds will have passed and you should be fine to start your next layer.
  • Repeat two more times for a total of 3 layers of color. You may stop with 2 layers if you want to keep your lips a lighter shade but it will wear off more quickly. LipSense is designed to be worn in 3 layers.ย It’s a good idea to change up where you start each layer for more even color distribution since at the start of the layer the wand has more color on it.
  • Once your 3 layers are applied and dry, apply your LipSense gloss all over your lips to seal the color (other brands will smear or break down the color). You may apply the gloss normally with back and forth motions. Rub lips together to fully distribute gloss and make sure there are no tacky spots left.
  • Reapply gloss throughout the day as needed to preserve color and moisturize lips (such as prior to eating).
  • Rock your gorgeous smudge proof, water proof, kiss proof lips all day & night long! A little work during the application (which becomes pretty quick once you get used to it) is so worth the result of not having to worry about your lipstick wearing off, smudging, getting on your teeth, or needing to reapply! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Perfect for Busy Girlย Perfect for Busy Moms

At Long Last Lips ๐Ÿ’‹ LipSense Removal

  • LipSense is removed most easily and conveniently using the Ooops! Remover. Neutrogenaยฎย facial bar soap may also be used (but is drying to your lips).
  • Apply Ooops! Remover generously all over lips. Use back and forth motion to help scrub lips and break down color, especially at areas where color is strongest such as edges of lips.
  • Allow lips to soak with Ooops! Remover on to break down color for at least 60 seconds. The longer you allow the remover to soak on your lips (without fully drying in), the easier it will be to take the color off.ย Rub lips back and forth to help further break down color.
  • Wipe off color. I find color removes most easily using moisture such as a makeup remover wipe, or a towel or cotton makeup round with water.
  • You often need to apply further layers of remover in order to get all of the color off (repeat Steps 2-4). A general rule is to expect to apply as many layers of remover as you did of color, however the longer you let the remover soak before scrubbing off, the easier it is to remove.