Tips and Tricks

At Long Last Lips πŸ’‹

Tingling 1* It’s normal to feel a tingling sensation when using LipSense due to the cosmetic grade alcohol evaporating off the lips and leaving pigment behind, now bonded to your skin. The alcohol helps to clean your lips, and to prevent bacterial growth in the tube. Chapped and cracked lips will increase the tingling sensation. As your lips become healthier due to the moisturizing properties of LipSense, the tingling sensation will decrease and most of the time stop altogether.

Try Only Lipsense for a Few Months

* Your lips may flake or peel when you first start using LipSense. Don’t stress, this is a normal part of the rehydration process as dead skin and waxy buildup are removed. Do not use Chapstick or other wax based products as they will prevent LipSense’s moisturizing ingredients from bonding to your lips properly and will lengthen the rehydration process. Instead, apply LipSense Glossy Gloss even without color to hydrate and protect lips (Moisturizing Lip Balm is also great for night time wear). To gently exfoliate your lips, try using a sugar scrub with coconut oil. Don’t give up! It will work! Once the rehydration process is complete, your lips will be softer and healthier than ever before.

30 Min After Glossing* The more frequently you gloss, the better protected and longer lasting your color will be. Grease and alcohol can breakdown your lip color – protect it with gloss! Applying gloss before eating will help improve the longevity of your color. Glossy Gloss is the most hydrating and after it dries in fully (about 30min), your lips appear less shiny and have more of a satin finish. If you want a matte look, first apply Glossy Gloss to seal the color and then blot off the shine (or for extra hydration let it dry in for about 30min), then apply Matte Gloss on top.

* After the rehydration process, if your color is flaking off, try applying in thinner layers with a light hand. If the color is not lasting as long as you’d like, make sure your lips are completely dry during application and between layers, and gloss more frequently. If the color wears off more quickly in one spot such as your water lines, try applying a thin 4th layer during initial application, or wipe off the gloss and reapply a thin layer of color just over the areas needed.

* Exposure to extreme temperatures will damage LipSense. Never leave it in the sun or in the car.Β Lipsense Heat 1

* Remember that part of the fun of LipSense is that you can apply layers of different colors in various order to achieve a wide variety of shades with only a few colors! You can also try different glosses to tint or neutralize colors, or to add sparkle πŸ™‚

Layering 3 Shades Example - Blu Red, Bravo and Lexie BearyMore examples of how to layer two colors to create entirely new shades!