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LipSense colors are sealed and your lips are kept hydrated through the use of a LipSense gloss. Glosses are applied as needed throughout the day to help protect your lip color from wearing off. Some people gloss only 2 or 3 times a day, others gloss more frequently to help extend the life of their lip color. Depending on the frequency of glossing, most people will use up a tube of gloss in 2 to 3 months.

30 Min After Glossing

You must use a LipSense gloss over your lip color – other brands of glosses smear or break colors down. LipSense glosses feel amazing on your lips and will leave them feeling healthier than you’ve probably ever felt. This is especially true of Glossy Gloss – the most important gloss and the once I recommend everyone start with. Even though it applies with a glossy shine, it doesn’t feel sticky or goopy, and within about 30 minutes it has dried in and left your lips with a much less shiny satin finish.

Gloss over Color ComparisonOnce you have your Glossy Gloss, you can experiment with the 10 other glosses LipSense makes and use them to add sparkle or change the look of your lip color with different tinted glosses. (See photo for how the same base color can be changed by different glosses). I personally enjoy the Orchid Gloss for the slight purple-pink tint, and the Sand Gloss for adding a warm beige shimmery tint. The Glitter Glosses are a fun way to add a delicate sparkle to your lip. If you enjoy a matte looking lip, best practice is to apply Glossy Gloss first to seal the color and then blot away the shine (or for extra hydration allow it to dry in for abut 30min), and then apply Matte Gloss on top. During the rest of the day, reapply just the Matte Gloss.

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